EnD GaME Ideas and thoughts!

So what would you like to see for end game?

Guild Boss?
World Boss?
Higher Difficulty?
Raid Bosses?
Real time PVP?
Unlimited mode?

Just so ideas to kick around please feel free to add to them or suggest one of your own idea’s.

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Made a post about real time PvP that could work here:

Would definitely love to see something in this regard. While we still haven’t gotten the first balance patch yet, max difficulty dungeons/skirmishes are way too easy. The only thing difficulty does in this game is increase some numbers with no other challenge added.

Would love to see an arena style game mode when the player has to draft 4 spells. Now that PvP allows for any spells to be used, it makes every game mode now just a “pick strongest synergy 4”. There is very little room for using different builds since different builds would just win slower.

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Real-time PvP.

will be very cool.


It is my strong suspicion that the oft-referenced upcoming game mode for 0.36 will be something for players who beat dungeons to accomplish. A mode beyond dungeons and skirmishes, intended for players beyond level 50, and (as explicitly stated) with rewards including crystals and relics.

Perhaps it is some sort of hoard mode (tackle multiple increasingly difficult enemies, with increasing rewards based on how many you defeated), perhaps it is a guild raid boss (everyone in the guild works together to take it down!), perhaps it is a tower mode akin to Diablo III’s Greater Rifts with endless procedural-generated difficulties.

Also, as mentioned, real-time PvP is a heavily requested feature, and the infrastructure required to implement it already exists (we have real-time co-op in place).

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Don’t believe they would ever add an endless mode due to how some equipment in the game scales.

Any battle that has more than 15 enemies could have the player scale to 1 shotting anything and taking 0% damage from most things.

I’m personally imagining something more how Dungeons currently work, where there’s fixed levels, but they add increasing difficulty and don’t add a hard cap. Could you beat a Difficulty 20 dungeon? Difficulty 30? Difficulty 50?

In Diablo III, which I mentioned as my comparison, there is a system where you can complete increasingly difficult dungeons, with the theoretical maximum requiring perfect play, perfect gear, and an incredibly high Paragon level (the Citadel system is basically an exact copy of Diablo’s Paragon system).