Need more endgame content ASAP

This is getting boring fast.
A lot of higher level players have left. There’s nothing to do in the game.
After the update more people can solo or are close to soloing the XX dragon.
Add higher level dragons , maybe an endless dragon that doesn’t die for some friendly competition in the guild.
Add more guild activities
Maybe a survival mode.
This was a problem even before the update for older players and now its even worse.
Maybe add a live pvp mode .
Waiting every week to get a few relics to get a tiny stat boost is not gameplay.


I did a post about this a while ago:

As much as I’d like to see this, the game lags enough just from the new map, I think it would be a nightmare to fight live opponents.


I see people have been asking for this for 3 years now and still nothing .
That’s why a lot of the older players have left.
I ll wait 2 more months and then i m out too


Truth. The highlight of my gaming experience is when I make it to the KD right when the KD opens. It means I actually get to test myself and my gear–while robbing other kingdom members of the experience, sadly. If I come in after the KD is already dead, I can often 1-hit “kill” the dragon. So boring. Talk about two different experiences with the same element in the same game.

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Exactly . You play the game to get stronger to maybe one day solo the xx dragon, and when you finally can ,well, you can’t. Very anticlimactic
Simple solution , Tier XX dragon doesn’t die.
Give the rewards based on damage but he doesn’t die.
Just do this until they release more endgame content


Then we’d lose 1,600 gems a week.

You know how you get the first of the 2 rewards without killing him Do that for the 2nd reward too , and for the 34m limit total damage .

Then the low-scoring members wouldn’t get their gems, meaning they’d leave, and we’d lose their crests.

why wouldn’t they get their gems ? If the total is over 34m everyone gets gems