New game mode: Endurance

Endurance more would be a one-round-per-day battle that allows you to fight wave after wave of enemies.

There would be no alters/potion screens.

After every 10 rounds, you’ll be offered a (randomised) reward, which you can take and quit OR discard and continue, risking it all for the next tier’s reward in 10 rounds’ time (a bit like “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”).

The loot pool could be based around Resh’s gifts, although without the “up to” nonsense. The end round (50th?) would reward either a random follower crystal OR a random mythic relic.

Every 9th & 10th enemy - before the reward is offered - would be an elite, meaning stun barriers etc.

There’s even a spot free in the “battles” menu for a new type of battle.

@Jeto say yes.


Sounds nice … and will teach you not to get to greedy … smile.
Thumbs up!

Edit: Only thing i see as a problem there is, we actually have no 100+ level enemies for the god veterans.
Cause for them it will be not a problem as long we wont have stronger enemies.
But why not invent GOD enemies for that case … or another mechanic that makes Level 100 enemies stronger then they actually are

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Or a tier X KD dragon?

We have discussed some ideas similar to I think what you are suggesting, and we do want to revisit some of the more… Um… Boring? game modes.

Oh also, keep an eye out for this lad in the waves of 2.5 :eyes::eyes::eyes:


Nice. I also had the idea today to give all enemies in the last round Legendary Resistance, the buff immunity that KD dragons have.

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