Survival/Endurance Event Idea

I had an idea that a lot of other Players have had a positive reaction to.

Survival/Endurance Mode

A series of increasingly difficult encounters with no break or healing (such as Events potions) between matches. Possibly even provide a choice of Altars every X amount of kills that have some detrimental effect to them, such as Status Effects, Armor/Resistance/Health loss, etc.

We could either have a Daily Survival/Endurance that has a particular color mastery requirement similar to Restricted Tournaments, and have prizes that specialize in such color (Ex: Dark prizes include Runes, Scrolls, random Epic Dark Mastery Item)

Or, perhaps the Event could give a certain amount of points depending on how well a Player did, and the points could be used to buy specific resources, with a limited amount of resources from points available per week.

This could also be used to remedy the current issue of having ‘too much Gold’, if replays were based on large amounts of gold.

This idea could generate interest from longer term players who have become bored of the standard PVP/Events/Daily dungeon grind, and if done correctly, could help newer players obtain some of the resources they need to head into Epic Territory


I fully support new content so this is a good idea in my book. :+1:


Alwas bp for new content and it seems like it would help with the iver abundance of gold that many long term players have.

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I think this is a plausible idea without too much needed work from the devs.

A combination of Event and Dungeons modes could make this happen; the infrastructure is already there.

I read this and thought… the Chaos Boon system from last year’s hit game Hades.

As you note, the existing PQ3 Altar system is a perfect analogy to host such a system. Event global/player/enemy buffs are already a thing.

Hope something like this happens in the future.

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