Daily Challenges

A suggestion. Rather than setting the levels & items to be gained for the daily 6 challenges, how about giving players a choice of levels & items that could be obtained.

You could give players a choice of 3 different levels per task, each of them having a differet item as a reward once task completed. Relics & Glyphs should be more available

Challenges game mode is some ongoing feedback I have shared with the team - think Challenges and Hunt mode are kind of a duplicate game of what you can do already with Daily Seige & Dungeons and some of the existing base game modes.

I also don’t find the rewards for Challenges, valuable. But tldr; we are looking into making changes to Challenges in the future!

Sometimes the rewards for challenges are valuable. It’s great when it’s a T3 or T4 relic or gems.

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Yes definetly! In those instances when there is relics, Gems or Crystals

Challenges do give nice rewards from time to time, I like having them. But it is true that generally they feel a bit lacking: low level players find frustrating having top resources they cannot get due to the high difficulty, and high level players find frustrating having so few valuable rewards. Maybe they could work a bit more like Events, so that the difficulty (and rewards) depends on your level/gearscore. Or maybe making it so that doing all 6 challenges improves the difficulty and rewards for next day up to a cap.

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I was using Hunt for a while to set up diamond chests. One diamond chest for each of the 7 characters. Open a chest, do Hunt and you can get up to 2 diamond chests to completely avoiding farming downtime without using tickets.

  • I guess it would be nice if you could pick the Dungeon to do the Hunt on. Since you can already keep reseting Hunt anyway till you get the Dungeon you want, its kind of silly for it to be random in the first place. That way you could do what I was doing up above and set up your favorite future dungeon chests in advance.