Kingdom Defense--the shine has worn off, I'm afraid

When the KD came out, I was thrilled. I poured myself into re-jiggering my whole approach to gear, citadel, and gear attributes. It’s the one thing that kept me interested in the game lately as I’ve kinda tapped the game out, being around since early access.

But the thrill is gone.

I’m in a kingdom where the level XX dragon is dead within 40 to 50 minutes of opening and, if you aren’t one of the first to fight right on the hour, you’re destined for the “cap” damage amount. When you’re in a kingdom where a bunch of players–myself included–can put up 15+ million on a dragon, the thrill of the fight fades quickly with the “cap.”

The discussion of fixing this seems to have been long over-shadowed by the console launch. Gone with it, the discussion about having a practice dragon to test on.

Am I alone in this? Are the plans to fix this going to be resurrected?


Hinn Fallni-out-of-interest

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You right about it, but why not just increase the level in KD and add the white dragon too

I guess they are referring to the game mode itself, therefore just extending the whole thing won’t work.

Yup i mostly just kick in autoplay and git er dun atm still hoping for more (no limited health)