Happy Console Launch Day!

A message from Steve “Sirrian” Fawkner!

It gives me great pleasure to announce Puzzle Quest 3 is officially out now on console!

We’re excitedly celebrating Puzzle Quest 3’s arrival on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation®5, and PlayStation®4 today! So I wanted to take this moment to give all of our players a quick personal message.

We couldn’t have done this without any of you, our very dedicated and passionate community, who helped provide us with valuable feedback along the way. Your dedication to this game along with the hardworking teams at Infinity Plus Two and 505 Games, has helped us get here on console launch day.

As with all things, when a new path opens up, we leave one behind. The official launch of Puzzle Quest 3 onto console, also brings about the end of our Early Access period on Steam.

So I want to welcome all players, both current and new, to the next era of Puzzle Quest 3. While we’re very keen to celebrate this moment, our work is far from done, as we’re planning out all the cool things that will be coming in the months and years ahead. We have so many more exciting stories to tell, features to introduce, and content to deliver in the coming months across all platforms. We’re thrilled to continue that adventure with you, the players, as we continue to build the game and listen to your feedback. The journey has only just started!

Until then, have a wonderful console launch day, and we’ll see you all in Etheria.

Steve “Sirrian” Fawkner

A video message from Steve as well, for anyone who may have missed it!

Nice. Congrats. But my first fight on console Was my first crash. Cant Start the challenge fight :grinning:

And is there no way for the xbox achievements to scan my previous stats from mobile and PC? i did all achievements (-1) before and don’t want to Start from the beginning. Logged in my old Account but nothing happend

@Substyler can you submit a ticket to us in Support so we can ask some follow up questions in regards to not having access to Challenges, if you are still locked out or getting any error messages?
Submit a ticket here

Hi @Jeto

How do we get the special rewards for the console launch which was mentioned in the post a couple of days back?

“To celebrate our console launch, special rewards will be available to players across all platforms for a limited time! These include a 30-day VIP Pass with extra daily free VIP rewards, a free new set of skins for the original group of heroes, and access to the next Premium Quest Pass (available two weeks after launch) to earn extra rewards for completing ongoing quests.”

Hey @KINGOLLIE , you should be prompted when you open the game to collect them for free.
If you missed that screen you can also enter the shop to collect your free rewards.

If you’ve already collected them you will find your unlocked Hero skins in the Hero selection menu which you can reach by selecting the icon with 2 arrows near the top left corner of the screen.

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Thank you @Kafka much appreciated

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Glad to see Sirrian looks and is doing well. It’s been far too long since the last time he appeared on a player-facing stream/video.

Have to ask though, after all these years, does he intentionally try different looks for each stream/video appearance, or does he have phases he goes through in the office? :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, it has been a long time in reaching this milestone, which has been a long-time coming.


No more beta, finally out out of Early Access.

cue Epic Movie Theater Guy voice

And on Day 800 of public access (plus near-countless additional time in development before that), Puzzle Quest 3 finally fully launches.

Congrats on reaching this long-elusive milestone and wishing the Team long-term success with the PQ3 project. We are glad to have contributed in our small ways with reaching this point in the game’s development and hope to enjoy many more years of adventures in Etheria.


Lyrian and Ailile.


I unlocked the achievements on Xbox last night by going to the achievements page in Puzzle Quest and clicking on each achievement. This also works in steam.


Wow. Thats a nice workaround. Thank you. Worked fine

Hello everyone,
I am new here. I would love to see how this game is played. Glad to have the opportunity to play on console. I love Gems of War

Tried to unlock on PlayStation 5 aswell. But there is no option to log in with an Account.

@Substyler this would be because there is cross play between Steam, Mobile and Xbox, but not between Steam/Mobile and Sony.

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Okay, play on Xbox, got it