Inconsistancy showing collected items from performing "collect all" in the Tavern

Not technically important but depending what you receive when clicking on collect all in the tavern it determines how the received items are displayed.

Most of the time ( in my case more than 90%) the items scroll across the screen the same as from the chests.

But sometimes:

Resh reward and food, but resh by its self would scroll

I notice it appears as only the inventory pop-up if any of my resources are at capacity when I hit ‘Collect all’ and the splash screen appears when I can collect everything.

Next time you collect all and the smaller option appears, can you check if any resource is at it’s max?

I think I worked it out:
Maybe it’s 2 or less things show as an inventory pop up? Resh shards being counted as one item? I just had a quick look through some screenshots and I think this might be the case.

Original post before coming to the above realization.

I’ll try to keep an eye on it still, but haven’t worked out why myself.
N.B. I was thinking the skirmish loot ticket in my first post might have been an individual collect. Sorry.

I have food at max and therefore collected none, but collect all gave me ore, loot ticket and gold in the side scrolling screen.

I then opened a chest with food and then hit collect all again and…

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In my experience that should be the case. 1-2 items will cause an inventory pop-up, while more than 3 are shown as the scrolling screen. Resh shards seem to break this rule, but I guess they are counted as a single item.

Followed up with the team!

Tavern collect all will use the full splash screen if there are 3 or more followers to collect from or if a collectable gained is one you haven’t seen before.

Which would seem inconsistent. I personally like the small inventory pop up for collecting from Followers - just quick display.

Is there a preference for one over the other? Do you like seeing the splash screen so you can check what has been rewarded/collected?

Most of the time we know what we are getting, so I strongly prefer the small inventory pop-up over the splash screen (it just takes too much time and gives no much additional information).

Small pop-up vote from me.

I really dislike the splash screen. The “Skip” button does not really skip any steps since you still have to click continue after that too.

The small popup is better. You can see what is rewarded/collected there just fine.
EDIT after reading post below: If there is something that can be salvaged then that is best as the full splash screen so it can be salvaged there and then,

I prefer the small pop up if we’re only getting resources but I would like to have the splash screen, if there are Spells or Minions, so I can discard them if I need to.
Maybe the Spells and Minions need to be changed to instant crafting like Gear is now.

So would it be safe to say:

If there is items that can be salvaged, it’s the full splash screen. But if there is only currency, such as Gold, Gems, Tokens etc it’s the mini inventory?


Right, that seems to be the best way of collecting items.

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That would be awesome.

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I put forward the feedback as a QOL Request!

Please be aware that there is no ETA or guarantee that submitted QOL requests will make it into the game


Thank you very much!

Some changes to this were implemented in 2.2!

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And I love it! Thank you very much for hearing us out and for all your hard work towards making the game more enjoyable for us players. 2.2 update is a big hit in my opinion, including several improvements asked by the players. Let’s keep working together to make this the greatest game possible! :slightly_smiling_face:

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