Tavern "something to collect" icon remains when capped

Whenever we have something to collect from followers we get a yellow notification icon above the Tavern tab. The issue is that if you are capped at a particular resource and you cannot collect it, the notification icon won’t go out, so you won’t be able to know when you have other things to collect.

For example, right now I am capped at max gold, so I cannot collect Elyra’s gold. Therefore, the yellow notification icon stays there and I have to enter Tavern to know if my other followers have finished crafting or not. Not a big problem, but a bit uncomfortable.

I believe that an easy solution to this would be the notification icon dissapearing after entering the followers screen, no matter if you collect what you have or not.

Thank you for your time and care.

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Good idea I regularly find myself with the same problem.

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