[REPORTED] Push Notifications, resource followers state they are full after 1h, regardless of capacity

Platform, device and operation system
Android, Galaxy S9

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
When a resource follower is full (ex: 5 hours to max capacity), a push notification should be sent that it’s full. Instead, after a single hour (when you can partially collect resources), the push notification is sent stating the follower is full.
Also, not sure if intentional, only a single push notification is sent at a time.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time.

Steps to make it happen again
See above.


Yes, having the same issue.

Hey all,

Just to clarify, after an hour one of your Followers is sitting at full and you receive a push notification for this.
Is this occurring even when the Follower is ready or are you referring to your own resource capacity, and not the follower?

Adhakus had reached capacity.

That’s the message we get even though he’s far from reaching capacity.

Push notifications are nifty but I’d like minions being recovered to be separated from minions opening chests.

Hi Jeto,

Clarifying this issue,

The push notifications appear to be sent to to players whenever the a follower reaches crafting complete status (the yellow item ready for pickup light appears on their follower box).

For most followers, this trigger works because those followers only have binary states of completion. Either they have something ready for pickup or they do not.

However, this logic fails regarding the two resource producers Brie and Adhakus. This is because they do not have binary states of completion for their products. Under the current trigger of sending the push notification when the yellow item complete icon appears on the follower box, this condition is met when these follower reach the minimum collectable quantity of resources that are eligible to be collected (1 hour’s worth of resources). The push message is at odds with the reality of the situation regarding these resource producers because they are at minimum collectable capacity and not maximum collectable capacity.

So, the situation is really how the dev team wants to handle push notifications regarding these two resource generators.

Should these two followers have a push notification when they reach their minimum collectable capacities? (If so, the push notification regarding this game state needs to be adjusted.)

If the answer to the above question is “yes”, then should these two resource producers also have a second push notification reflecting when they reach maximum capacity and cannot generate any further resources until they are picked up by the player?


The push notifications also don’t seem to relate to actual progress in game.

Daily Siege - It’s almost the end of daily siege! said the notification.

Err… thanks for that - I completed all daily siege activities today more than 20hours ago. I have zero attempts left and claimed all possible chests.

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Hey all,

Appreciate everyone’s extra information, as always!

I’ve reported this to the team, as it appears they aren’t working as intended.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


One more to add - Push notifications don’t clear when you open the game.

For most other games you get a push notification of some event. If you launch the related app that push notification disappears.

With PQ3 notifications if I click on them to launch the game, then it disappears.

But if I launch the game from the icon on my phone, not via the notification, then the notification remains in the bar at the top. Even after closing the game that original push notification is still there and no longer relevant.

Not sure what level of control we can have over them, but options to customise what notifications are worth having would be useful.
A crafter has completed - useful
A resource generator has reached capacity - useful
A chest is ready to open - useful
A specific pet has finished resting - don’t really care as I will always have far more pets available than chest slots.