July Community Update

July Community Update

There may be some spoilers for Season 1.2 below,

turn back now if you prefer to avoid them!

July flew by and we’re knee-deep into Season 1.2! Our adventuring party has left the mines behind along with the distinct scent of Giant Anthrite Worms.
Journeying onwards into the home of the Tree of Fire, we’ve traded Dwarves, Golems, and Boars (oh, my!) for some new wildlife like the fan-favorite Hellcat, and Incubi (who we are suspicious wouldn’t be wearing a shirt regardless of the weather).

As we look towards the later half of 2022, let us revisit our 2022 Roadmap!
As always, the roadmap is a work in progress and some things may change.

2022 Roadmap – July Update

Our upcoming 1.3 Update is pretty packed with content and much-asked-for updates!

We are welcoming Seasons Archives with the 1.3 Update so players can revisit some of their adventures with Auri and the gang.

A Whole New Class!

We’re also introducing our new Warlock Hero Class!
We’re excited to show a glimpse of what this new hero class has in store and what options in new playstyle it offers our players.

“The Warlock is an eldritch mage, controlling summoned Imps to do their bidding.
Their spells focus on burning, destruction, withering, and are often boosted by those status effects AND by the number of Imp Gems present.”

From the IP2 team:We really wanted to lean into the eldritch-commune-with-demons vibe for this class. Associate Game Designer Matt (a.k.a Ozball) charged into the theme with spells like…

Call the Deep Ones (110 Blue Mana)

Deal damage as Dark. Remove all Blue Gems. For each Imp Gem on the board, gain 10-15 Ultimate Spell Power.

This is a great example of how we wanted to make sure that our Warlocks were making good use of their hellish little summons.

Eldritch Blast (105 Purple Mana)

Deal damage as Dark. Burn the enemy for 4 turns. If they were already burning, create 2-7 purple gems.

Where would a good Warlock be without some heat? Here, we wanted them to take advantage of the destruction they were causing.

We’re very excited to bring you the Warlock as we think it gives folks some dark strategy and a breath of fresh (sulphuric?) air.”

You Got A Follower In Me

Players will remember that the planned Follower for 1.2 was moved to 1.3. Well, would you look at the time! It’s almost 1.3 already!

The new follower will be joining us as our heroes move Into the Dreamhold.
They’re mostly helpful… Sometimes more than others… And they’re always a little sketchy.
The description in the art brief was “Like if a surfer was also going to pickpocket you.” We look forward to everyone meeting them!

Now, Where Did I Put My Pauldrons…

Working on a game for so many years is a bit like living in a house for a while. When you bring new things in, often you just try to find the best drawer to put stuff in. Maybe it made sense at the time, but now you have your light bulbs next to your Sriracha and you don’t know the last time you even saw the AA batteries.

Welp- It’s well past time we did some tidying up and some spring cleaning.
For update 1.3 we’re making some much-needed improvements to the menu flow.
We had some goals of making things more logical and easy to find.

The biggest changes will be:

  • The main Hero menu (where you pop into the game)
    • This will have a better flow as a central hub with some clearer direction
  • The World menu is disappearing and will be replaced by a new “Battles” tab that will make all the different battle types (Story, Seasons, Hunts, Versus etc.) easy to find in the one place
  • An overhaul of the Inventory menus
    • We hear ya. It’s easy to lose things. It’s easy to accidentally Salvage stuff you didn’t mean to. It’s hard to see stuff and compare your gear. No more!
    • Improved flow and readability and just a better experience all around.

These are the biggest items, but we hope you like the new vibes and little changes as much as we do!
As always, all the details will be in the update Patch Notes for 1.3.

All the Donuts IN THE WORLD! (Food Updates)

You can never have too much of a good thing! Well… Mostly. You folks have a lot of juicy, juicy food and you need more things you can do with it.
We agree entirely.

While some bigger changes to Food use will take us a little minute to design properly and get right, we have made some changes that we hope will help for the moment:

  • We have doubled the Food and Ore caps so you can hang on to more
  • We’ve updated the Shop and Kingdom Bazaar deals to allow for more uses for Food

Y’all have had some really great suggestions for how we might use Food more, so watch this space for more updates!

As a live-service game, Puzzle Quest 3 will continue to change and evolve with each update. We know there are always more questions and feedback. Keep sending them in!

Check back at the end of August for our next Monthly Community Update!

This is not correct. There is not a new or updated use for Food in the Shop (In the Kingdom Bazaar, there are random deals that show up every few days, but nothing in the Shop)

Will the updated inventory layout show the set icon of each item
Perhaps bottom right
Or overlay the items colour icon

Given there is real estate given to how upgraded the item is once its L50 Mythic (Red Cog, top right and bottom left) - I think that the set icon information would have a higher relevance to the majority of players

Similarly having the gear’s attribute icons running down the right hand side would be helpful (like traits in GoW)

Hello @Jeto

On the first day of the 1.2 release, we received daily deals denominated in food/honor/ore (Daily Deals, not kingdom bazaar). On following days, the daily deal unfortunately no longer offered any deals denominated in food/honor/ore. Can you please confirm what happened here? Is it a bug or intended that we are not receiving food/honor/ore deals within our daily deals?

What you recently posted seems to indicate that it was intended:

We’ve updated the Shop and Kingdom Bazaar deals to allow for more uses for Food


Hey @Wokel

Currently, they are not intended to be in Daily Deals, but now that the caps have been raised this is likely change over time.