Kingdom Defense - Feedback and Recommendations

Seconding as we could really use some tweaks to KD.

Overkill is super important as well as true different rewards for the higher tiers.


@Hagane confirmed that Tier XVII is the exact same loot table as XIV+, just with additional shards.


You know what would be really helpful while in battle, a gauge/meter that showed your progress towards the silver and gold rewards.

Also it would be great to have a counter that showed how many times the boss has used their spell.


3 months since kingdom defense came out.

2 months since a meeting to discuss feedback on kingdom defense.

1 month since Update 1.3 came out.

0 legitimate reasons not to have Overkill mode by now in Kingdom Defense.


@Jeto, can you please provide us some sort of update on any changes to Kingdom Defense, particularly the issue with no Overkill feature? Wasn’t there supposed to be an internal discussion on this feedback? It’s been 3 months now and not a single whisper. This is a very frustrating issue for people wanting to participate in a group effort and a daily activity that is different from most other modes of play. Too many players login to find that the event is essentially inactive for 8 to 10 hours at a time as the kingdom boss has already been killed and waiting for a new one to spawn (which by the way is probably one that cant be killed and therefore the person waiting only gets reduced individual rewards, added insult to injury)


Hey all,

At this stage there is very tentative ideas we are looking at for 1.5 but these are subject to change at the moment and there are other changes currently in the pipes for that update.

We (the CX team) have been sharing all feedback in regards to Kingdoms and Kingdom defence, overkill mode was one of the first things we passed on when this new game mode was introduced, but at that stage and currently, there are a lot of major updates and changes already coming. The Follower rework and rerolling attributes as an example.

Once there is anything more concrete, or if there is a light at the end of an update tunnel and we can share something further, we will do so either in a Community Blog update or possibly in one of these existing threads.

Also as mentioned in the latest Community update, we are also going to be sharing how we gather feedback, pass it on to the development team and that whole process in an upcoming blog. So hopefully that helps create some transparency on how and why some things change sooner than others.

I’ll cross post this in the other newer and more specifically overkill thread as well.

Jeto - Support Human :mage:


Thanks Jeto. It’s nice to have confirmation that the feedback we provide is making it to the developers.

Yay, good to finally have some communication about this.

In terms of feedback, I have some to add: the dragon never going down in level makes it incredibly restrictive to new players. Higher level kingdoms always keep the dragon at a high level, much higher than what new players can fight. I actually still can’t fight the dragon properly, even at lvl 50 with a lvl 42 citadel and epic gear. So this mode might as well not exist for me.

Possible solutions:

  • Have the dragon level reset (start at lvl 1 every x days) with kingdoms being awarded for dragon progression and for the maximum level of dragon they reached before the reset. This would give new players a chance to participate, while rewarding kingdoms for increasing their dragon level. And the additional rewards should be enough to make up for kingdoms not being able to have the dragon at the highest level they can beat every single day.

  • Have minions that support the dragon, providing buffs to it. These minions could be low level enough for new players to defeat, giving them a chance to participate.

  • Have players above lvl 50 and players below lvl 50 be able to “pair up” and enter battle at the same time. The lower level player doesn’t fight the dragon directly, and instead makes matches to provide a boost/buffs to the higher level player, who fights the dragon directly. (This idea would need tweaking to prevent people from being left out, as there aren’t always an even number of players in a guild, and different people are active on different days and at different times.)

Also, please increase participation rewards.

Appreciate the communication on this. It’s good to know that KD is at least somewhere in the pipeline. My hope is that the development continues to lean into fixing and reworking the existing content, and away from adding new things, until that is done. As much as I hate (with the heat of 10 billion suns!) the lack of overkill in KD, waiting for a fix is bearable when other things are being fixed first. Versus new stuff that will invariably be broken too. (Because that’s a thing in games.)

A bigger issue than KD is the turn zero pvp, though. That starting mana cap needs to happen asap. Inventory space also, but the follower update might fix that a bit, if it sticks the landing.