More than one King/Queen?

I found a couple of references to being able to have multiple kings for your team, but i can’t find the process to do it.

Is it possible?


Yes, it is. All the alliances are doing that do that is they change the names of their ranks/titles so that lower or mid members are Queens and Kings. You can name your ranks anything, Cosmic Space Emperor, Peasant, King and Queen, whatever you want.


In early access PQ3 you could have two Kingdom leaders, so a King and a Queen.

But we removed this as it caused some bugs, so you can now only have 1 Kingdom leader.

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No, Jeto its not that. What those Kingdoms are doing is they rename a lower title King (male) Queen (Female) in order to entice people to join their alliance with the title. Doesn’t really mean anything though, still just one leader of each alliance, regardless of what their title names are.