Can we get more options as kingdom leaders for our kingdoms member ranks?

Is there anything in the works for us as kingdom leaders in regards to the options we have as to what we can choose for our members to be able to do at each rank? Just curious to if we are going to see more options.

For instance the one that is paining me the most is I want the option to dis-allow members to use the ingots! Right now I have had multiple times people burn our ingots on stupid stuff like spirit shield, that doesn’t work and is obviously not getting fixed, and I have no option to stop them at certain levels.

I don’t want to have to keep shaking my finger at them and constantly sounding like a jerk telling them “Do not use the ingots, I will make that decision!” but it just seems stupid to me to allow them to do that with the kingdoms premium currency!

We as kingdom leaders need more control over each ranks permissions and what we can allow them to do or not.


Bump them down a rank, ideally you should only have a handful of less of your most trusted players on the rank below king or queen…

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I understand what you’re saying but that is not a good option. Beings that we have very limited rank and promotion options that means people only get promoted once and we basically have no other way to reward them.

Ideally what we need is a way to either lock the ingots to the leader level and the ability to add more ranks so that we have the ability to reward with promoting more than once.

Also the ability to reward people in other ways would be nice, that way we could give out those atta boys or atta girls and not always have to rely on promotion for our only way to reward them individually.

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