Please ADD this feature

As a kingdom leader having dukes duch etc and people spending ingots please let us have a notification so we know who is doing it! Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this !


Amen! This is a common request among kings and queens. It hurts our ability to promote and reward players. Where someone in the upper tier is willy-nilly spending ingots when they shouldn’t be spent and there’s no way to call that person out (or outright demote them) then the only other option is to NOT promote anyone into that final tier or to demote everyone out of it. But promotion to that last Duke/Duchess level should be a nice reward for players. Heck, even if the purchase just popped up as a group notification or as a chat item:

“Hinn Fallni just blew 200 ingots because he’s a selfish git and really wanted those 50 gems only for his own purposes.”

OK, maybe it doesn’t have to be THAT much of a callout. :wink:

Hello! New player, genuine question: what is the point of accumulating ingots rather than spending them for the benefit of the kingdom?

Ingots have two main uses:

  1. Bazaar restock: this can be used either to get a second stock of a great deal or to make it easier to reach the purchase goals.
  2. Kingdom gift: 50 gems for every member.

Kingdom gifts seem really great, but bazaar restock can be much better (allowing to reach purchase goals that give even more gems, getting a second crystal/glyph…). Therefore, accumulating ingots to keep a reserve is always recommended so that you can always do a bazaar restock when needed.

Once you have a reasonable ingot reserve, though, the excess should be used. In my opinion, the best ingot management is the one that makes full use of bazaar restocks during the bazaar cycle (using them only when truly benefiting the kingdom) and then, if there is a surpluss of ingots, it spends them in kingdom gifts (always keeping a reserve for the next bazaar cycle).