“Gifting” items and resources to fellow Kingdom members

Are there any plans to include a feature whereby Kingdom members can request items or resources from team mates? It would be a handy way to offload unwanted Gear to those that are in need of certain items that are in your possession that would otherwise be salvaged.

To be able to gift other team members coins, shards or gems even to help each other progress would be a nice touch.

Maybe it would be too complex to implement, but I’ve seen it in other online-only games. It might also encourage greater interaction between Kingdom members.

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I love that idea, maybe just upload the lot to the bazaar?

But, it would mean people spend fewer crowns, so I doubt they’d go for it.

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The idea in essence is good but unfortunately there are always people who distort the original intention. Soon we would have the game full of “Milk Cows” as I saw happening in other games. There could be a kingdom objective, like “feeding” a Dragon until it grows. We could give him what we have in excess and contribute to a kingdom mission for example

I like it.
Give me 5 weapons. Give me something from Jewelled. I would like something rare. I need a blue spell.
We would be doing dungeons like crazy.
What would be the prize? Better bazaar chance? Some ‘Kingdom bonus’ chance in chests? Bonus to Kingdom Defense? Something worth having…