Kingdom Market Function

One of the things I am constantly thinking on is ideas that I wish we had in game to make kingdoms better, kingdoms are my main focus in this game.

I wish we could have a market system where players could trade resources!

But the only thing I would like to restrict it on is that it only be available to Kingdoms and not the general player base. The reason why I feel this way is that I feel if the kingdom system is going to be looked at by the players as desirable, then it needs to make sure it has benefits that players can only get by being in one, like bazaars, kingdom defense, etc.

Allow players in kingdoms to unlock the ability to have a marketplace by leveling the kingdom through some sort of event or leveling gauge where they can contribute by doing X task and everyone from a level 1 to a level 50 can help by their effort.

Then when they get the ability unlocked they can then have the options to trade any resource we are currently earning like food, gold, ore, honor and etc. This would make being in a kingdom so much more exciting and desirable.

Take for instance tonight in my kingdom, I had a spell glyph pop in our bazaar for 9k food each. I was able to buy one luckily because I had that much on hand but I have a few players that are short the amount they need and if we could trade we could help each other out more and build better relationships.

Anyway, this is probably something people have asked for before but I just think it makes a lot of sense for kingdoms like, I don’t know, giving us the option to private message each other?