King sending rewards

Like king of a kingdom have the option to buy crowns and be able to send to members of my kingdom like a reward.If the developers can add this feature. Thanks

In the Kingdom tab, the Kingdom leaders can send Kingdom members Gems. Due to Crowns being a premium currency (purchases with real money), I do not believe this is something we could have as a resource you can send to others.

But I have raised it with the team.

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Thanks it would be great for only kings to have that option of buying crowns and share with it’s members.

I know where your idea is coming from but I wouldn’t suggest to send/share “real life currency” with people you don’t even know personal.

Sending crowns to them never won’t be a guarantee they are going to stay in this kingdom e.g. Furthermore they might come up over and over again with new reasons needing this ingame currency, and not being careful here you would be sucked dry in no time.

Instead I would like to see an individual queen/king-function to send every single member gold, ore, food, shards, runes or scrolls (value scroll bar) if the founder is grinding the game and able to share them.

With something like this internal communacation would be strengthened and all members could be helped properly to progress step by step if they are lacking with materials here or there.

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As mentioned, passed this onto the team and they would love to look into this further for potentially 2.4!

Should note: not Crowns but sending gifts generally