Why can't we send direct messages to kingdom members?

Ok this is something I have wondered since I have started this game and that is why can’t we send kingdom members direct messages?

I can sort of get it why you would not want the ability for people to be able to do this for all members in the game because it could enable griefing but why not at least to your kingdom mates? Right now the only way we can figure out to talk privately is to make a party with that person and talk in the party chat.

All this is doing is causing us to leave the game and find other options like discord which not all players will take the extra effort to search out and join (which doesn’t always solve the issue either.) This makes it very hard for me as a kingdom leader to provide one on one guidance, check to see if people are even active any more before I remove them to try to recruit for their spot, answer private questions and etc.

These types of problems and many more could just be solved if we had the option to send direct messages. Why can we not? Is there a legitimate reason?

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Tbh your post is just true. And I dare to answer the second part of your last question with this:

No, there is no reason for not implementing it BUT I could imagine if there is no reason they are going to create one to avoid the work.

devs haven’t thought of a way to charge you per direct message yet :slight_smile:

40 crowns per message probably.


that is so funny! :joy::joy: