[Reported] Kingdom Chat broken

Our kingdom Chat is broken since weeks. Many posts appear 1 or 2 hours later for other members. Today 2 posts written 3 days ago appeard the first time for a member.

This makes converstion nearly impossible.

This is something that also happens in the global chat. Sometimes you get some past messages after recent messages. Sometimes you cannot see some messages (I have confirmed that several times players have written in global chat but I cannot see their messages).

I confirm what was reported above but I want to highlight that the worst happens in Kingdom’s chat. It is difficult to understand to what extent as some members never use it and others report days until they receive notifications

Can everyone let me know what platform/console you are on?
Also, is this at all times of day or particularly around daily reset?

I don’t know about daily reset, because that is the middle of the night for me.
Everywhere during the day. One time half of my message was lost, only to appear hours later. Entire conversations became difficult to read, because important things seemed missing from there…

Android Phone. All the issues (losing several past messages, past messages appearing after recent ones, individual messages not appearing in the chat) happen during the day. Sometimes I know it has happened because the chat icon gets white, as if there is a new message, but then I cannot see anything new in the chat. Other times it is clear because reading the chat players are answering missing messages I cannot read. A couple of times I have asked to make sure and they have confirmed me that indeed there was a message I couldn’t read.

What KerGiz and Higure described happens in our Kingdom or Global-Chat (100 German) in the same way. It seems to us that it can happen all over the day, but we didn’t really take care of the time. No problems at daily reset, cause most of us are sleeping at that time :slight_smile: .

A message is not always lost for every player. Some can read it immideatly, others receive it hours later.

Playing on PC via Steam.
Edit: Same with a kingdom member playing on Xbox.

I’m on PC via Steam, I confirm all the situations described in the previous entries. The chat icon announcing a new message blinks frequently, I already know that I won’t see any messages because it doesn’t stay lit, unlike when the message is accessible.

Today the new message icon is delayed. When it lights up, I usually see ‘53 mins ago’, or ‘1 hour ago’, or similar ‘new’ messages. I was playing constantly during the day, it wasn’t an idle game.
The messages were one-line, not multi-line messages. I know about the bug, when the last poster was you, and post again later, it will be the same ‘3 hours ago’ message. That wasn’t the case. And this bug is also worth correcting sometime.

Just now:

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It seems that the (or one) reason for the problem depends on different platforms. A kingdom member (Strandlaeuferin) plays on Xbox and PC via Steam.

A message written on Xbox is only readable on Xbox (for herself and other kingdom members) but not on PC, otherwise some messages written on PC didn’t appear on Xbox until now.

Here are two screens.

Xbox (Strandlauferin):

PC (Civeteran):

I see Schnurpsiis answer to Strandlauferin but not her message on PC

On Xbox the messages from borkolo and Danyael133 are missing.

This may explain the strange behavior of some players, there was a member who left the kingdom without me ever seeing a post from him on Kingdom Chat and I think he must have felt that I didn’t want to respond to him. It’s not good for the Game. I think he, for example, gave up

We experienced message loss between steam players too.