[Awaiting response] Unable to access kingdom

Any time you try to access Kingdom Juggernaut it says:
A new day has dawned in Etheria. The game will restart to continue playing.

This has been going on now for 4 days. No one in the kingdom has access.

Hey @Juggernaut

What was your name code?

Also, bit of a random one, but is the time correct on the device you are playing on?


Time is correct on my device. It is affecting everyone in the kingdom and not just me.

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The team just let me know there was a recent server push, if you haven’t already can you and your fellow Kingdom members force close and relaunch your game and let me know if you are still getting trapped in this loop.

We are back on now. Many were excited to see we can get back on again. Thank you for handling this. The other question I Know I will be asked is if they will be compensated for the down time?