Notify of kingdom bazaar restock

I often visit the bazaar soon after the daily reset in order to plan my resource usage for the day. The kingdom leader makes the decision about whether to restock some time later, but I don’t know when I should recheck the bazaar, so I often end up checking multiple times (especially if I’m near a resource cap).


IF the player has purchased from today’s bazaar AND the bazaar has been restocked since the player last visited the bazaar

THEN change the “Kingdom” button on the main screen to have a blue “1” badge. Clicking this button could also automatically select the bazaar panel when in this state.


I like this idea or we could get an automatic message sent via Kingdom chat.

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I would go further with a push message. Many people don’t log in constantly time by time, some just twice a day. Therefore receiving a push could help players wouldn’t miss the chance to get more goodies.

For leaders a timer would be nice as well, planning a restock over the day to make sure members from different time zones can plan to log in. This would be excellent for every kingdom whose leaders are on when the daily reset happens. Checking the restock worth, timing it, push message to all members! yay


An option to receive a push notification on bazaar restock would be welcome.

Why would kingdom leaders wait to restock at a specific time, though? The restock just bumps the maximum count on each deal from 1 to 2 (per player), so I don’t see why a delay would be desirable.

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My guess is that for some guild leaders it’s because of time zones

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