Mythic upgrade of spells makes totally no sense

The upgrade of spells to mythic 45 and beyond makes no sense at now. We will spend a lot of mythic relics and glyphs and will get nearly nothing!
@Jeto, @OminousGMan: Please initiate a rework with an adequate result related to the ressources spent.


What about enforcing the spells additionally by the 2 possible minions?
It makes sense to combine them because minions are also scroll based.
Per mythic spell level I would like to suggest an spell enhancement of 0,05% (or 0,1%) times the sum of the 2 minion levels.
Per mythic level and the minions on level 45 + 45 this would mean a spell enhancement of 4,5% (or 9%).

A further advantage of this improvement is now given by the fact that an minion usage and upgrade now also makes much more sense.

I brought this up awhile back, and it went pretty much nowhere. Hope your call reaches the design team’s ears and initiates that rework.

In short, the crux of the issue is that while leveling and ascension of Weapons/Armor/Accessories yield exponential growth of those things, leveling of Spells yields only linear growth and ascension of Spells yields minimal to no growth (depending on the Spell). This results in a giant discrepancy in growth between Spells and Weapons/Armor/Accessories that grows by leaps and bounds (because of the exponential growth differential) which results in a gaping chasm in potential between these categories by the Mythic ascension.

The addition of Mana Mastery to spells helped somewhat, but is a drop in the bucket in closing the power gap because of the linear growth model of spells. Most spells that will ever make it to a player’s active spell roster only generate 50 or 75 Mana Mastery by Mythic 50. In contrast, every Armor and Accessory piece generates +60 Mana Mastery from the Legendary 45 → Mythic 45 ascension alone. Spells also do not have Attributes, which makes them by definition signficantly weaker (and a much poorer investment) than any Weapon/Armor/Accessory.

What needs to be done is to rebalance spells to use the same system as Weapons/Armor/Accessories for consistency purposes. The problem with that is doing so would require the devs to fully rebalance the entire game all over again to accommodate such a change… :face_vomiting:


Everything you said! My version being just its bad, but fixing it would be a huge undertaking. So we are stuck.

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Agreed and many ideas under working… But still have no solid suggestion ATM.