New game Mode - Action Points

I’m not sure that it does. I believe the wording was:

Destroying a column via spell is not the same as making a full column match of identical gems.

Increase your Speed, increase your action points. Also, it sounds like your base speed will increase as you level:

So by the time you hit level 40, are they saying that you have 150 speed? I’m not entirely sure.

Hi Jeto,

I’m a little confused about a few things. Hopefully, you can clarify some.

Does that mean the enemy will do chip damage to us if they don’t match skulls? Or does it mean they will just do X amount of damage whether they match color gems or skull gems. Based on removing our chip damage, I assume it’s the later. But it’s not really clear. So I thought I’d ask.

I’m really confused about these conflicting statements. Enemies are buffed to make up for less battles. But enemies are nerfed to make up for no chip damage?

Going to answer a few things all at once;

  • Gear such as Royal boots, Runic boots give a bonus to the speed stat itself, so with AP releasing if you choose to play in that mode, they will apply their buffs in either mode!
  • Along with increasing your base Power, Vitality, and Masteries, Speed will also increase gradually as you level up, so you’ll have 150 speed at level 40.
  • Enemies got both buffed and nerfed, but by different amounts. Also, enemies do not get bonuses from matching skulls and their mana is now generated by matches they make, rather than your own matches. But as mentioned above, the exception being in Versus battles, where they require matching skulls to attack & can cast without ending their turn.

Can you confirm their rate of mana gain? Is it using the old formula such that any gems count towards their mana gain at a default rate of 2 mana per gem (subject to modifiers) regardless of gem color/type, or do they actually have to match gems of their spell color and their mana gain rate is therefore increased to compensate?

Mana gain rate for enemies is the same as the player - 10* mana per gem split across their spells. They need to match the spell’s color in order to power the spells.

*Based on masteries

So it’s a completely different game with completely different strategies.

Interesting move this long after launch.


In this case, it seems like the third spell (killing blow) of the kingdom defense dragon will be charged pretty quickly.

Will the mana cost for the killing blow increase? Or is the dragon forced to use its 3 spells one by one?

Where is my popcorn meme? I think this needs that.

What is the impact on the attribute Flame-strike (on any of the strike attributes)?
They current give a boost to spell damage and gem matching damage (chip damage)
With chip damage being removed, will the strike attribute get a little boost to spell damage to offset this?
Or can I please have some re-roll attribute tokens?

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The launch of this patch will effectively be the launch of a new game. I would expect several balance passes (6 mos?) before the gear is mostly in line with the game mechanics. Hopefully attributes get looked at early. :crossed_fingers:

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Thank you. I sort of gathered that was the case. My confusion was in regards to the lack of anything informative in the statements. Simply saying enemies have been adjusted up and also down, doesn’t actually tell us anything about what to expect. lol

At the end of the day, we will find out! :joy:

From the Patch Notes thread:

Spot on. We’re confident that the balance is broadly right, but there’s a lot of items, spells, attributes etc so we’re definitely expecting there will be some tweaks needed.

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Will there be a refund option for gear to return all resources so we can rebuild our heroes gear loadouts to fit with the new update gameplay?

The salvage option is NOT an option, given the resources required to get gear to legendary, Mythic and beyond VS the terrible salvage return on gear (it’s clearly meant for junking unneeded items, not for swapping builds)

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Which items do you feel have been significantly impacted by the update such that you need them reset? I can see where certain attributes are less useful. Are you referring to things like Royal rings, etc?

Haven’t checked individual gear pieces yet, so right now I’m looking at overall build and set bonuses

Specifically I have focused on Warlord III and Royal II

Under the updated gameplay, it appears to me that these have been negatively impacted

Example - bonus gems can provide benefits to enemy and less chance to get the benefits for matching larger gems

Example - Warlord III legendary gives +30 critical chance, but in an updated game structure of bigger boards, so more multi-matches and competing for skulls, there are other singular gear pieces, like guard gloves that can achieve better outcomes

I think it would be reasonable to provide a way for players to adjust gear given the gameplay experience has had a significant update

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apparently we all have to make starting board skull builds for pvp now

At least heroic effect is slightly easier to achieve on the larger board

But, with such a significant update, it would seem fair to offer the players a chance to do their own heroes gear/spells update