[Not a bug] Adventure Map Size

Putting this in as a bug report. There is no way it is intentional that the adventure maps only show the current node and then need to be scrolled/zoomed to see the next stop.

Can y’all focus on fixing things that are broken before you break things that are working fine?


I think that one of the absolute coolest parts of the new update is the improved and more-detailed map. However, I 100% agree with @00h00m that we need to have some kind of persistent zoom for the new map.


:thinking: Some follow up questions:

  • Which devices are you playing on?
  • What’s your screen resolution?
  • Could you please share a screenshot?

OnePlus Nord 2 5G - 1080 x 2400





They are pretty much all the same. One node fits on the screen and you have to zoom out or swipe to see the next step.


It happens both in Steam and mobile phone. As AeonNhiyr said, really beautiful map but extremely uncomfortable and annoying for adventures.


The distance between nodes needs to be reduced drastically.

The new animations and details in the map look great though! :+1:t2:

(okay I just said something positive…I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit)


I like the details and animations on the map, but it needs to be spaced much closer together. On a very large TV it feels extra painful to move from node to node - and looking ahead is not pleasant either.


I’ve passed this onto the team, as, while it’s not a bug necessarily it is something we are planning on going back through and reworking the Adventure nodes to account for the new scaled map.

Any update on the new adventures you were saying that were planned a while back?

Look out for them from May

edited to to from May as I know the team is currently working on 2 new Adventures as well as ways to change the rewards within existing Adventures - but they might not be implemented and live for May.


FYI, an easy fix to this would be to keep the map max zoomed out as the default state. Allowing users to zoom in for more detail.

The fact that it resets the zoom to all the way in after every fight/menu/conversation is the frustrating part.


Could be something in the options menu maybe, a zoomed in and a zoomed out option.


The map looks amazing, but it’s causing some serious lag when navigating the gear menu.

The option to switch between the old and new map styles would be helpful.

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I just wanted to add some general experiences about the adventure map interaction that I am experiencing (especially when re-running adventures).

I play on a console (ps5).

Ill start by saying I have a very large TV (70") so the reticle moving around is already a bit slow and clunky. I spend more time readjusting the map to the next node of the adventure, and trying to sell off the chests than the time it takes to do the match (since this is a re-playable match and its for follower crystals I am really focusing on speed, not diamond cost).

I do not experience a lot of lag, but it feels like this was made more something that was smaller screen/mobile/touch screen native and wasn’t quiet polished up for console. Its not the end all be all of bad things, but its just not fun to play when you are trying to grind out some items.

I know some of this may be in (awesome things to come)tm - but just wanted to relay this isnt the best gaming experience.