Dragonking's Prize

So this is a fun adventure, but I have a concern with it.

With the map now being so much larger, my first impression is that it was much harder to find the nodes with the FLUX. Knowing where they were, I zoomed to the first one, and it was showing armor shards. Eventually I realized that the node cycles through all the rewards for the display.

To me, this seems like it will confuse some newer players.

I know the branching path for the Dragonking’s Prize makes it feel more immersive. The map looks cooler, but playability for newer players seems reduced. I’m not sure I see a reason for the multiple branching paths where a new player may miss a flux and not be able to go back.

To me, I think the FLUX reward needs to display 100% of the time on the nodes with it in this map. So when a newer player is panning around, they can see it in a very obvious, almost spoonfed, path to each FLUX. I would also be OK with this adventure being reworked into a single path adventure.


While I agree, the new mapping doesn’t do this adventure any favors. Its pretty much idiot proof since the paths go both ways, so there is no way to mess it up really by getting lost.


As KenpoKid said the paths go both ways, so you will always be able to get all 4 fluxes. It does feel a bit like “I don’t know where I have to go”, but you cannot miss any rewards.


Thanks. I did not know that the main path was able to be traversed both ways. I could never see the double line paths on the main route allowing you to go back and forth as needed.