[Reported] Dragonking's Prize Adventure Bug


Every time you go to start a new battle, this error message appears multiple times and you have to exit out of all of them. Fortunately, its not game breaking or anything, its just more of a nuisance than anything else. The adventure is still completely playable (so far anyway). The bug happened every time for me on the Dragonking’s Prize adventure, right from the first battle.


Hey, this was picked up by the team but too late to get a fix before 2.3 had been released.

Apologies, I know it’s annoying, had it happen a couple of times myself!


Oh no worries, just reporting it for next time. Thanks for the quick response!

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When are we supposed to earn the new currency?
I haven’t received any yet.

It’s on the map!

The reward icon rotates between all the rewards received.

All good. I hadn’t gotten to that node yet.