[Known] Still issues with the new version!

getting an error that I’ve played a newer version then an infinite loop restart, new release as a fix as reference!

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Got the same error here, too :frowning:


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Thanks for the extra evidence peeps! things I missed in the last 24 hours:

Didn’t get to buy all cash keys in the shop
Didn’t get to buy todays glyph with gems
Didn’t get to get 200 gems from KD dragon
Didn’t get to get marks from tourneys
Didn’t get gems or relics or keys from challenges
Didn’t get archive coins (30)
Didn’t get to get season currency x9
Didn’t get to get PVP marks
Didn’t get to get xp against citidel level
Didn’t get deals missed for general and Kingdom bazar
Didn’t get to farm for tickets, spells or minions
Didn’t get to get daily quest pass xp.

Anything else I’ve forgot please add to the thread.

I am closing this thread as this is an existing known issue

Please follow along this thread

Or known issues article for more information and future updates.