[Updated] Attention Players

Hey everyone,

Jumping in here very quickly as we have discovered that 2.2 has been released unexpectedly.

Please do not intentionally attempt to download this update

The team is looking into this currently as a priority. As this affects a number of features in the game that are currently not implemented, as well as (I’m assuming) Kingdom access.

There is no need to contact us via Tickets or report being blocked from Kingdoms. As we are aware this will be the case.

As soon as I have more information, I’ll return here and update the new Known Issue article for this.

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Following up on this, in the meantime, we are looking to close off v2.2 on Android.

This should prevent anyone else from unintentionally updating to this new version but if you are already on 2.2 on your mobile device, you will no longer be able to launch Puzzle Quest 3.

For those already on 2.2 this means you will get a message stating there is a ‘new update available’ which is just while the team works on getting this resolved for those affected.

Luckily this is a small handful of players on 2.2 but it is no less of an inconvenience as this does affect anyone else in those Kingdoms.

Currently do not have more information on how long those players will be locked out for [literally in a meeting currently] - My hope is it is no more than 24 hours as this is just Android, which is the fastest of all the platforms to push out. But again, this is not something we have encountered (like this) before so I don’t want to give any exact estimates.

As always, compensation for this will be sorted once this has been resolved so we understand the scale of what has been affected.


Thanks for the updates - please keep them coming

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FFS… Seriously. But yay, Thanks for the warning. SMDH.

We are right there with you - us at our desks at the moment investigating this issue.

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Just curious: can we get monthly update this week?

I downloaded the new version before seeing this thread. What should I do?

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I downloaded v2.2 before seeing your Notification. Can’t access game at all, despite many restarts

I’m locked out too and as a fairly active player who completes all the dailies e.g. events, challenges, PvP, kingdom defense, etc, and buys everything that can be bought with gold I’m wondering about the compensation.

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My game auto updated itself to 2.2 while I was at work. Well done guys, how does something like this even happen

Народ, напишите кто-то как починят игру в телеграмме, ник busilisa

Wait for tomorrow unfortunately

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For such cases, there would have to be the possibility / agreement that a rollback can be performed within 4 to 6 hours.

Are you going to compensate those unlucky enough to be force to stay offline for 24 hours plus. I complete all sections of the game daily so this inconvenience will stop my progression. Yours hopefully hottrixx


I would like to add my name to the list of those who are disgruntled. I do all the dailies and have the premium for the season which I will lose out on.

Hey Hottrixx, nice to see you over here. I think so, the last sentences from Jetos Intro post mention compensation - and I really hope for everyone involved it will be a whole bunch of needful things PLUS the missed rewards of all dailies and passes :blush:

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Hey there d3v5w. Thank you that is good to know. I do understand that when adding new things i.e. today was release of chapter 3. Things can go wrong. And it is great how you have jumped on this mishap rapidly. Fingers crossed we can get online tomorrow. Keep up the good work gang.

Why things like server status and update weren’t communicated more properly and faster? Of course I can’t play… I think I’m done with this game… one more frustration of a few ones…

13 hours later and unfortunately looks like 2.2 is still on the playstore. Wishing the devs all the best.

Same here Kingdom Leader. Very frustrating. Your loyal servant Nightmare :grinning: