Optimal PQ3 Guilds are Way Too Cutthroat w/ Lack of Tracking on Top of It

Last week, Dragon’s Peak week was the first guild to ever finish all guild tasks in order to get the diamond key at 18,000 seals.

The problem with trying to do so is how active every player needs to be. To hit it, it requires every person playing daily using 1-2 bounty tokens at a time in order to score maximum points. This not only makes the tasks take longer, but also makes it so inactivity for even the smallest of time hurts the entire guild.

With how the game is setup now, not doing bounties for 1 day is nearly grounds for a kick and not doing bounty for 2 days is essentially an auto kick.

Even using 1 bounty token at a time to reroll bounty tasks normally doesn’t get the average needed of slightly over 80 per day, which also adds gems to the equation. Closing the gap of bad luck takes anywhere from around 350-700 gems per week per player. This is nearly impossible to enforce as the guild gives no indication of when someone gems a bounty task rather than gets really good RNG days. This makes it impossible to know the gem investment of every player in a guild during the duration of the week.

Lastly, there is no breakdown to how much honor, food, and ore are donated to the guild per week per person. This makes it impossible to know who is donating to which tasks and how much has been donated. Essentially half of the system within the guild has no tracking whatsoever. These are even worse than crests for donation upkeep as they have a daily check whereas slightly sub-optimal crest tasks can still be done with a partial bi-daily method.

In comparison to Gems of War (with the exception of guild war weeks), a player who plays just on Monday and Friday could visually look like the same amount of guild progress as someone who plays every single day. The things that matter for the guild don’t have a daily or bi-daily check like PQ3 does. Some weeks, 100% of guild requirements can all be met on Monday and be done for the week in that regard even for the top 1% of guilds in the game.

In PQ3, every player in the guild would have to play daily, use gems if they get bad RNG, use a slower method of doing the daily tasks in order to optimize daily point accumulation, and donate daily to the guild rather than weekly.

That isn’t even factoring in the fact that PQ3 currently doesn’t have any guild events, which would also require gear checks and build checks for every player in the guild on top of all of this mess.

@Tacet compounding the issue is once a user has completed the game with every class, gem accumulation massively slows unless you pay for VIP or purchase gems.

More data being available to kingdom leaders would help in identifying players who are just struggling against the rng or if they are truly just not meeting the kingdom requirements