Dragon's Peak is Recruiting! All Maxed Bazaar Deals and 15k+ Crest Tasks Weekly

Dragon’s Peak has been around since the start of early access, but figured I finally make a recruitment thread for it for those that may be interested.

It is best to inquire by PM’ing me directly here on this forum.


  • 400+ crests per week
  • Level 50


  • We hit 15k+ crests per week, which gives ruby keys
  • 1st (and currently only?) guild to have ever hit max 18k crests in a week for a diamond key, may try again
  • Half the guild is citadel level 50+ if guild war functionality ever becomes a thing
  • All 3 Bazaar offers are maxed
  • Many members have a great working knowledge of the game and can answer any questions

Well, that took 5 minutes. XD

If anyone is still interested in joining, feel free to message via the forum’s mail system and can try to get people in when spots open.

Hey, let me know if you need someone, currently Level 50, Citadel 20 and getting 400/500 crests per week.

We will likely have an opening or two on Monday.

The guild has all three bazaar offers kept at max tier 7 including the honor deal.

We also officially always hit 15k+ crests per week yielding every ruby key reward.

Requirement has also been raised from 300 crests to 400 crests per week minimum with 500+ encouraged.

hey tacet,

can I join your guild ? I’m lvl 50 (lvl22 cit) and can do the reqs.

The other leader of the guild filled the spots while I was asleep, but we tend to have a slot most Mondays or Sunday nights.

ok, maybe next time then. :frowning:

We got another opening if you send invite code.

is it my name code or just my username ?

It is the name code and the letters/numbers after, or say hi in in game global 1 and can add you from there.

I cant connect to the server (server issues?) atm.

In preparation for the new patch potentially dropping this week with events that may be guild-wide, we will be having around 3-5 slots opening in the next day or so. Make sure to contact if interested!

We consistently get 15k+ crests every week, have all 3 Bazaar deals maxed, and will be heavily participating in any future guild related features added to the game.

Citadel unlocked and 400+ crests per week required.

Hey @Tacet! I would like to add my name to your waiting list brudda. I’m not level 50 yet but I am an every day player so it shouldn’t take long before I can meet your reqs