Come join Casual Corner!

If you’re looking for a nice home without any pressure, this is the place to be. We won’t do Discord or Line, just chat in-game (unless there’s a lot of folks that join and REALLY want to). We’ll push to make sure we get our grind in on a daily basis, but 5 crests or 100 crests is just fine either way.

I’ve been gaming for decades now, from casual weekly dabbling to top-ranked hardcore. I can appreciate the hardcore folk and I want to get all the nice rewards, but I’m at a point in life where I can’t dedicate the time (or the whale funds) to go full competitive. So I’m looking for folks of a similar mindset - get our grind in, have fun, get lewt.

FYI: My wife is a member and will get an “inactive” exception, because I value keeping her around. :slight_smile:

Search for Casual Corner in-game and join us in our Puzzle Questing endeavors!