Throne of Odin is Recruiting! 12k-15k+ Crests Weekly, Active Discord, Maxed Bazaar, Tacos!

Throne of Odin Kingdom is recruiting!!

We are looking for daily players who want to join one of the top Kingdoms in Puzzle Quest 3!
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Requirements :

  • 300+ crests per week
  • Level 50+ preferred; exceptions can be made

Why join Throne of Odin ?

  • 12k+ Crests per week (Ruby Key reward)
  • Ore Deal VI/VII (VI is 20x Greater Shards, VII is 20x Major Shards)
  • Max Honor Deal (1x Ruby Key for 150 Honor)
  • Active and helpful Discord; plenty of guides and suggestions for gameplay
  • Invested daily players; 20+ Members with 40+ Citadel Levels
  • We have Tacos!! :taco: :taco: :taco:

Contact me via forum mail system or visit us via discord (Throne of Odin Puzzle quest ) and leave us a message in our lobby!

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I can confirm that we do, in fact, have Tacos :taco:
And awesome guides constantly updated by very helpful people, who are active every day on Discord.
But mostly Tacos :taco:

We are currently looking for 1 daily player (as of 9/28/21)

Come hang out with us. We do cool stuff like this: