Throne of Odin is Recruiting! 12k+ Crests Weekly, Discord, Maxed Bazaar, Tacos!

Throne of Odin Kingdom is recruiting!!

We are looking for daily players who want to join one of the top Kingdoms in Puzzle Quest 3!
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  • 250+ crests per week
  • Level 50+

Why join Throne of Odin?

  • 12k+ Crests per week (Ruby Key reward); closing in on 15k
  • Ore Deal VI/VII (VI is 20x Greater Shards, VII is 20x Major Shards)
  • Max Honor Deal (1x Ruby Key for 150 Honor)
  • Active and helpful Discord with 20+ participating Members, many playing since the beginning of early access with large knowledge of the game to date
  • Invested daily players; 15+ Members with 30+ Citadel Levels
  • Affiliated with the Throne of Odin family of guilds in Gems of War (9 guilds covering various levels of play and a strong active network of players)
  • We have Tacos!! :taco: :taco: :taco:

Contact me via forum mail system or visit us via discord (Throne of Odin Puzzle quest) and leave us a message in our lobby! EDIT: as of 7/06/21 we have 1 spot available!


Hey Sib can I get a taco to go? Any hot sauce? =)

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Just for you, no sauce but how about a few straight up peppers! :taco::hot_pepper::hot_pepper:

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Currently full, Thank you!

How do I get the tacos?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the recent changes have left us with a couple of openings. Come ride out 0.36 with us! :laughing:

Discord info up top.

Is discord required?

Not required but highly encouraged.

0.36 Carnage continues. 2 more spots :roll_eyes:

Come suffer with us! :innocent:

Got one more spot. Come listen to me prattle on about spell damage!

Got two more spots to fill as the update continues to work its magic! Come hang out with the hardy 0.36 survivors at Throne of Odin. Lots of gallows humour! :crazy_face:

0.36 claims another! Who will be the next victim! Come join us to find out :crazy_face:

(In other words, got one spot to fill :wink:)