[PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT] Sidequest crystals for previous progress

Platform, device and operation system
Android, Bluestacks

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Crystals after the introduction of the update are reimbursed according to progression.


What did happen (and I have not calculated the exact expectation yet)
is that two players have similar crystals for

3x playthroughs

and for 4x playthroughs


Of note are the later crystals, Gemka onwards were never leveled on the 4x account (4x level 50, 1x level 25 in chapter 7 so was just awarded Gong and can’t have played Gemkas sidequests).

Also, as there are 3 darkhunter crystals this does not add up to four playthroughs on any maths (3/4th of a crystal per playthrough?).

Is the math right here?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Comparison between two players in the discord community, maybe others can weigh in. It is not exactly a repeatable issue.

Is this a once-off issue or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen in specific circumstances?

The game was updated, the follower crystals received for 4x all sidequests and 1x sidequests until end of Khaldera Crater chapter VI including sidequests before update)




Steps to make it happen again
Please detail the steps taken to trigger this bug. The more detailed the breakdown, the easier it is for us to test in-house.


Does this maybe have to do with the questlines being out of order? I also got the achievement for finishing all questlines before I did because I think I finished the final questline on my first playthrough before I finished the others. The opponent might score kept goin down when I played through them all… Maybe that is where the counting is off?

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Well, after mapping and counting the ones that are only available from sidequests, I have to say there was a shaft but the difference is not great and the previous levels were completely unaccounted for.

My Progress Received Previously leveled
Toragon 34 34 Yes
Northelm 32 32 Yes
Adhakus 31 31 Yes
Brie 32 32 Yes
Aurie 21 19 Yes
Gong 20 21 Yes
Gemka 20 20 No
Xione 20 20 No
Soulchaser 20 20 No
Mutiny Vance 20 19 No
Grungli 16 13 No
Jocea 12 9 No
Elyra 8 6 No
Darkhunter 4 3 No

So Mutiny onwards were shortchanged for some reason while Toragon to Gong were given the full amount of crystals expected IF I had never leveled them (though they all were leveled to some extent giving an actual surplus of crystals).

This haphazardness on the side of the developers of the game really is surprising. Is there really no way to tell from a developers side how far progression is on the side of the player?


Interesting. As a result of our exchanges putting together the sidequest mapping I also did a reconciliation of my crystals received and mine were correct for all followers (with the caveat mentioned under the Follower thread that the full amount of side quest crystals were given without regard to existing evolves which benefits the player). A lot of comes down to certainty about which side quests were completed across the 5 classes.

Take Darkhunter for instance, based on your chart you would have completed Chapter 14 sidequests for 4 classes in total correct?

Here is my reconciliation. The additional crystals for Adhakus and Grungli were ones received from Eveline crafting post 0.35 update but prior to performing this calculation. The 15 Eveline crystals are due to the addition of such crystals at the end of the storyline quests (my speculation is they are at 3,6,9,12.15).

P.S. all references to “gems” should be replaced with “crystals”

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Indeed, I was in chapter 7 or 8 where we started the mapping on my fifth play through. Guess now and m done after the mapping. Since there is no chime from anyone with the game i will have to get the missing crystals by waiting for drops. Good to hear that yours were straight though, so it may not be a widespread issue. Before the mapping it was only clear to me that 4 playthroughs won’t add up to 3 crystals (dark hunter) no matter the actual questlines (which is 1, so 4*1=3).

Hello Elric, this looks very technical and will require us to be able to look at your game data. As such, please contact our support here: https://puzzlequest3.zendesk.com/hc/en-us.

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I never did, didn’t see the point given all the other issues.

My concern was community wide anyways.

Admitted, may I ask whether something on this was pushed in the last patch?

I was done with all playthroughs as part of Sibelios and my mapping effort for side quests.

Now, randomly a month later I got a bunch of “new” Old quests on one of my characters.

Was there an effort to fix the jumbled quest lines and check which side quests were actually played by players? These contained a couple crystals which may have been ones I was missing. Or not. No idea.

Interesting… I had completed all available side quests on my first hero. I had a similar experience one day where suddenly there were quests. But for me it happened well before the recent server push. I assumed at first that I must have missed a quest. But there were a bunch for me to do.

So… my next assume was that I had suffered from the old quest out of order bug and it just put me back to the last place I was IN order. I still have no idea.

My point, if I have one, is that when it happened to me it was before the last server push, so I don’t think its related.

We pushed a server fix that sorted a problem with missing text, but shouldn’t have affected quest completion. Please submit a big report if you want us to investigate this further.

I really don’t care anymore.

Quests that were gone and done reappeared. Or maybe were falsely considered done and now reappeared.

Or I randomly got a few new quest lines on one hero. If it was not a fix you did it is a bug cause I guess side quests should not randomly reappear.

But whatever.