Power attribute description is misleading

The description for Power is “Gives a damage bonus when dealing Skull damage.”

However, importantly, it also increases the numeric output of most spells that deal damage, heal, etc.

The description should be expanded to include this information so that new players understand the lasting importance of Power. Otherwise, it’s easy to believe that Power becomes irrelevant due to the exponential growth of weapon damage.

Possible wordings

  • (A) “Increases damage from skulls and from most spells.”
  • (B) “Determines skull damage (along with weapon level) and spell strength (along with spell level and mastery).”
  • (C) “Added to weapon damage to determine skull damage. Added to color mastery to determine spell output.”

Steps to view (iPhone)

  1. Open the gear screen
  2. Tap the ‘?’ button at the bottom, bringing up the Primary Stats page
  3. Tap the Power icon



Could write it like this…“Increases healing, boosting, spell effects, and weapon and spell damage.”