How does Power operate?

Upon finishing up my grind to difficulty X, i just wanted to ask this question now, simply because of the weapon i obtained to help me clear what we can do. Have a few more thoughts to wrap up.

NOTE: The spell damage shown on screen is not correct. What value it actually is, is the same as what it indicates on your spell select menu. (It’s about 1100)

I’d assume if this were to stay, this would be the most sought out weapon affix. As reference, a 3 match skull in pvp does ~1200dmg.

How is power suppose to scale? Is it suppose to power up your spell damage as well?

Afaik 1 power = 1 attack damage.
Almost all non-percentage cyan numbers in spell description are affected by power, more or less. Every spell has different scale. Some spell may scale at 2x and other was 10:1.
About percentage cyan number, I believe they also scales, but the number will be quite low, such as 100:1%.
Elemental damage inflicted by matching gems are affected by masteries.

This i would have to check with others but when i checked out Tacet’s stream, i did not see as high darkness damage as i would see from my ice matches. Put it simply, i had to one shot my way through difficulty X.

This i would like some clarification from the developers. As you can see from my screen, i wouldn’t need to do anything but cast spell and instant kill the monster. I can provide more screenshots with my other spells but they all “bug out” when equipped with this weapon and taken to battle.

Could you give me a spell that has this? I’d like to just see what the game is trying to do at the moment.

About masteries:
That also bothered me, but zendesk told me elemental damage is affected by masteries. I guess that’s wrong? Seems power was involved too.

About spell:
Like gems of war, every skill has a different scale ratio. Effect will also increase along with spell level, they use separate factor.
I have a poison spell that raises critical dmg multipler, it’s also cyan, and it’s effect increased by 1% now compared to starting status(level 1).

Btw I think your weapon passive is bugged… I guess it transferred 1000% (=10) of your dark mastery into power, not 10%? It goes against common sense.

I dont have that spell. I decided to check with my current % spells which are poison skulls and legion of skulls. Both of their %s did not move an inch which makes sense. I’ll have to keep eye out for your spell to see what happens!

My speculate: X% chance will never scale with power even if they’re cyan, only spell level matters.
Lethal Poison give critical damage bonus, which are not capped at 100%, will scale with power.

Note in the picture above that the Runic Mace is bugged and gives 10x mastery as power rather than 10%.

I had the same Ruinic Mace power bug yesterday, but today it seems to be gone. Can anyone confirm?