[Reported] Translation mistake

French translation mistake of “actual amount” (plenty of places) your translation is “montant” you should use “stock actuel” instead (your translation means worth or value and not amount)

Hey SebSenior,

I’m just requiring a bit more information on this so it can be looked into further. Where in PQ3 are you experiencing this issue?

OminousGMan - Team Support Human

The modification done when I read that answer made me smile. As I am french I might not express me the way I wish .
What has been done is to replace “montant” by “montant actuel”
I suggest that you replace it by ether “quantité actuelle”, “cumul actuel” or “stock actuel”.
leaving it like this just makes me tickle the way you would if you read “actual price” (instead of “actual amount”) when you collect something from a follower, open a chest, collect a completion/fight reward, …

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