[Reported] Spelling Errors/Typos List

Not sure this qualifies as a “bug” but the game is certainly replete with them, so probably worth reporting somewhere. After the third typo I noticed, I started saving them as I came across them since this is more pervasive than I anticipated. Here are the four I have collected so far (not sure if any of them have been fixed with the 0.37 patch):

  1. “When YOU are ready…”

  1. “…a petty squabble OR two…”

  1. “A remnant of AGES past…”


  1. “A remnant of A PAST AGE …”

  1. “…when YOUR Armor or Resistance REACHES 0”

       If the text line space is limited, then...

  1. “…when my Armor or Resistance REACHES 0”

  2. “…gain REFLECT when…”

  1. “Wyverns may not be as mighty as a Dragons…”

  1. “Casting a buff will can improve your stats…”

I’m not sure why descriptions are in first person? It’s very weird and unusual but if it’s intentional, let me know and I’ll ignore those. I hope this is as helpful as I intend it to be. Not trying to be pedantic, but a little polish can go a long way.

Hey @Maur

Thanks you so much for brining this to our attention, it’s really appreciated. I’ve sent this to the Dev Team so they can look into this and get this corrected.

Thanks again!

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

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