Purge spell desc missing word “damage”

“Deal X as fire” is missing the word “damage”

It should be either:

“Deal X damage as fire” (wording used by most PQ3 spells)

or “Deal X fire damage” (wording common in other games and used by some PQ3 spells)

ello again!

Can see you are jumping in on some great clear and structured feedback for us since jumping into PQ3. Love hearing from passionate players!

Just to clear some of the forum thread so no major threads are pushed out of view - if you have any further feedback, suggestions, or first impressions may I request they get popped into one thread.
Will make it easier to pass along to the team cos there will be one spot to keep checking!

Unless something is a bug report then go ahead and continue to make them as their own thread, and if myself or another member of the CX changes them from not being a bug, we can always move them into your feedback thread later! :grinning:

Thank you again!

I really don’t want to combine unrelated things into a single thread because that would make it hard for other players to (1) use the forum search to avoid posting duplicates or (2) comment on what I’ve said. I can slow down a bit if you think it’s important that I not dominate the feedback section today, and I can combine future typo issues.

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If you have singular bugs in future, definitely post them individually.
It just seems like you have quite a lot right now. If you want to make it easy for people to refer to a specific thing when you are posting multiple at a time, maybe putting them down in a numbered list would be handy. Then they can be referred to by number or others who want to jump in can quote that line directly.
Also, other players can search for keywords and be able to locate any threads that match!

But, as we’ve said, the way you are writing your bugs and feedback is very succinct, actionable and easy to follow. So again, we do really appreciate the thought you’ve put into how you send these through to us

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