Russian localization issues

There are multiple places where Russian translation is odd or completely missing.
I would like to volunteer for the translation team efforts, to make the game experience better (have already experience being localization lead for other apps).
In multiple places the same terms are translated differently (lack of vocabulary of common translation terms).
How can I get in touch with the translation team to help?
Thanks in advance!



All of our localisation work is handled by a team within 505 Games. Sometimes we need to add text to the game that may not be there when the localisation team does their pass, but as for incorrect ones feel free to throw any screenshots and corrections here and I can pass them along!

Thank you, will start documenting those.
Is google docs an acceptable link type here?

Whichever is preferable for you, as long as the doc link is viewable - would suggest making it only viewable and not editable in case someone else jumps into the link and changes it