[Reported] Adventure text still in English - are you SERIOUS?

No comment, really! Still playing with German settings and still it seems it is too much to ask for German language?! I am so tired of this crap … pointing this out over and over again. On a side note this adventure is a copy&paste-thing and noone cares taking a second look if it works properly???

Get a grip on yourselves, once and for all.

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I know you’re frustrated but please keep it civil.

We’ve just done a huge pass of our localisation (translations/text).
The team are working through the list of items to address today onwards, so this should be addressed soon.

Unfortunately, it’s not just a copy paste thing so it does take time, although ideally this issue would never make it into the live game at all, and we’re not happy that it did.

We’re sorry these issues with the translations are in game, I know it’s frustrating.