Adventure Quality

Unfortunately, I only noticed it halfway through “Return to Ragnar” and I wanted to wait for the end first … … … and the end didn’t show any improvement either.

Generally you have started well to introduce the adventures. At least two languages were present (English and German) and there was a prologue as well as an epilogue. One adventure even included historical explanations from PuzzleQuest 1.

Then this dropped, first the German translation was missing (despite German game settings the texts were displayed in English) and now there was neither prologue nor epilogue.

Honestly? You could fill the adventures with so much story that it would be enough for a book, but apparently it’s not even worth the effort to write two one-liners anymore.

A match-3 game adapted to RPG in a certain way doesn’t live on matching stones alone - we’re not at Farm Heroes Saga …

This is just sad!


I have definitely noticed that the effort in making any sort of a story seems to be gone.

The last one was “Return to Ragnar” well, ok, but why? What was the reason? What was the story?

I like loot as much as the next guy or gal don’t get me wrong but why is it so hard to come up with some story?