Return To Ragnar Playthrough

Hello everyone, thank you for joining me on the latest adventure mode adventure that unlocked today called “Return To Ragnar”!

It is a 4 energy per day event so I am estimating 3 days to complete it. Today is day 1 and as always it is going to be done on ultimate difficulty. I hope you enjoy, thank you for watching!


Thank you for the video, @Namodias!! I took the Merchant route, and it was just basic stuff

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thank you so much for the info and for watching I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone and thank you for joining me on the latest adventure mode adventure “Return To Ragnar”. Tonight will be day 2 and I will be finishing it tonight.

Thank you for watching with me!

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You missed two stun chances. I don’t know if was on purpose or just not paying attention. Obviously you can afford it. If it was me, missed stun is like a certain death.

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Oh I am sure I did miss some, It totally was unintentional cause if I would have saw them i totally would have took them. Sometimes it is hard to focus on playing and the recording part of it too because I am having to split my attention between playing and monitoring OBS software. Thanks for pointing that out though now I will go back and watch it to see what it was I missed. :slight_smile:

I watched the video again and I saw three this time. Sorry if I’m being annoying. It is just that I rely heavily on stuns, so much that I was willing to sacrifice casting a spell if there is a risk to miss the chance. Now with AP mode, such sacrifice is not necessary.

That’s what happened to you in one of the three opportunities. You had the chance, you casted a spell, new gems got generated, they matched with existing ones, and the chance was gone.

I’ll reiterate what I said in one of the very first videos that you posted - it is great that you continue to do it. It provides a lot of useful information.

yeah i watched it and I see what you mean. I got to look harder, now with ap mode the cool thing is when your playing you got time to find all those moves :slight_smile: