Scorching ray spell

Hey @Salty

As much as I hate to post this, because I’m making some serious fun use of this spell, lol… might want to have the team take a look at scorching ray.

“Convert blue gems to red with an x (based on level) chance to create y (based on rarity) amt of additional red gems.”

As much as I f’love this spell, I have to admit it feels way out of balance to the various other converters.

If it is fine and intended, then thank you all and I will keep it, haha. But it feels overpowered because it doesn’t limit the number of conversions, so the angel on my shoulder is making me call attention to it.

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Salty has said that spells are going to be reworked in the future.

Basically, I’d say it’s very safe to consider any spell that costs 50 mana (IMO a placeholder mana cost) highly subject to change. The vast majority of them are extremely overpowered for what they do for what they cost to cast. They will be balanced out at some point in the future. It’s just not the highest priority for the devs right this second. Keeping the client and server from crashing is, like they currently do on a daily basis.

Salty restated this again on yesterday’s GoW stream.

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oh true true. I fully expect the 50 mana spells to be later nerfed back to the stone age.

Totally not what I’m talking about though.

This one specific spell, which I love and use all of the time, so no hate here at all… is really sticking out like a sore thumb. Every other converter than I know of (you might know of others, and could add a different perspective) have a hard cap on gems converted. This one doesn’t and if you put it with 2 other spells which I will not name, it’s virtually impossible to not stun lock and run the board.

Yes yes, YES of course they are going to look at spells, and particularly the 50 mana generics. I’m just being a good citizen here and pointing to one that is out of whack even amongst a sea of out of whacks.

I don’t make a habit of asking someone to hit me in the face with a nerf bat. But every battle has me thinking “ya… this can’t be a thing.” In the meantime I shall enjoy blowing through every battle on a virtual auto pilot.


I know which two you are talking about. And yes, there are quite a few Red dungeon spells at 50 mana cost that either convert gems to Red or just conjure them outright.

Yup, enjoy it while you can. :slight_smile:

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