Gamer's PvP morale

To win the the season elite modus I was forced to upgrade some gear to mythic.
With that done and reconfiguring some gear and spells I am now able as side effect to win a open tournament champion league battle by spell casting only (2500 points) under some conditions as it was normal in early access stage.
As a consequence of using this gear configuration actually more than 20 players would loose 250 gems until they find an adequate way to upgrade.

So should I do, wait or do not?
Let me hear your opinions.

My view is the same back in early access; there is no benefit to doing this except perhaps to save yourself <1 second or more per match. The cost is a gem loss as you say to dozens of players.

It doesn’t affect your gem haul but it affects others so unless someone else is scoring 2500 and causing you a loss of gems you there is no advantage for you to score 2500.

ditto, ditto, ditto. (Post must be at least 20 characters, lol)

Obviously no additional benefit to you for hitting 25,000, assuming no-one else is
Clearly detrimental to all other players in the bracket for anyone to hit 25000

Props to you for having such a power build!

I have been concentrating on spells, starting mana and mana regeneration and not so much on weapon.
At early access stage it was possible to get an endless spell casting without gem matching. Now it is only possible for a first turn because mana regeneration of elven charm was reduced drastically.
To charge the spells left me 2 offensive spells which is enough for most PvP but not for all. So I could reach 25000 because I only need 10 of the 77.

Coming back to weapon upgrade: I don’t say it is negligable. There is at least one enemy, Arboleth, which regenerates about 10000 points at lvl 100 for every spell casted and weapon is absolutely needed. But actually I can live with all my wepons on legendary 45.