Season finished early?

I’m pretty sure the outcome of this is going to be I need glasses or read text more carefully but I’ll ask anyway.

Yesterday morning (from my point of view) I had a look at how long is left in season 1.5 and it read one day and 7 hours. I thought that was strange because it didn’t coincide with daily reset but I worked out it would be after I finished work the following day. My plan was to do three more dungeon battles the following day, open the chests, get the gear from that and then upgrade things or buy chests to complete goals.

I was then very surprised when getting ready for work in the morning I saw that the season was already closed.

So did it somehow finish early or should I be going to buy myself some reading glasses for when I play the game? I planned out the timing so it’s not like I just remember wrongly.

I didn’t pay attention to the remaining time, but I was expecting it to end with the weekly reset today. It ended one day earlier instead and got me by surprise.

Hey everyone,

The previous Season did end prior to weekly reset with the in-game Season Countdown timer accurately displaying this.
Still, I have passed on to the team to consider including Season end dates within the patch notes as they have previously coincided with weekly reset.

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