Shouldn't we go back to the cube?

Gentlemen Developers!
I’m a big fan of PQ2, PQ1 and even played a couple of years of my life in Gems of War.
This is the first time I’ve encountered PvE in a three-in-a-row mechanic.
That’s all well and good.
But this game involves combining the three-in-a-row and rpg genres.
There’s a lot to talk about here.
I’m sure you’re familiar with the Horadric cube from Diablo 2, right?
The thing is, no one has been able to beat this genius invention within the genre for years).
Shouldn’t we introduce something erm… similar into the game? I understand copyright by copyright, but maybe we’ll end up with a muradric ball rather than a horadric cube, etc., not for me to teach you.
!And dropping components on the battlefield will really liven up the game!
I’m sure your fans will forgive you for not even borrowing, but going back to the long-awaited canon - a sort of Diablo 3 in a row!
And should we add some world, village, stores instead of branched menu - everything as usual, I assure you - we certainly appreciate titanic work of battle animation, but, in my humble opinion, many of your old fans would prefer the game without animation at all, but with detailed world and story.
Please don’t consider my humble wishes to be impertinent :slight_smile:

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