The Damage Curve

Making a post for reference purposes before I lose these notes to the void somewhere.

The damage curve is the same in 0.35 as it was in 0.34 and has not changed since the start of Early Access.

FYI, this is back-of-the-napkin-tier math quality, as there should be a rebalance of this sooner or later.

In general,

  • Enemy types have a base set of stats, which are scaled up via a non-linear formula.
  • In dungeons, mini-bosses generally receive a 1.5x multiplier to base damage, bosses 2x.
  • All opponents currently have a 10% critical chance for 2x damage.

Broadly speaking, with variance based on each enemy type:

Enemy Level Base Melee Damage
5 10
10 40
15 70
20 100
25 150
30 200
35 250
40 325
45 425
50 550
55 650
60 750

(Damage growth may be linear after 50?)

If someone wants to try to figure out the exact scaling formula via number crunching, go for it.

Base damage is modified by the gear score differential between the player and the encounter, as shown on the ? on the world map. Every point in favor of the enemy increases base damage by 0.1%. Every point in favor of the player decreases base damage by 0.05%.

As a level 50 player has 1000 base hp, the scaling becomes rather untenable by 40+. Further, as base damage increases, the effects of gear score differential becomes further and further magnified. “Green” difficulty at 40+ can still yield over 100 points of bonus damage on top of the high base damage because of percentage scaling.

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Personally feel like the base damage numbers are too high early in the game, but too low later in the game.

There are already a few people after 2 months of playing that have the durability to tank a non-crit on max level 100 difficulty using no status effects at all, and that is with only a fraction of the total amount of durability available in the game.

On top of that there are things like blind, that reduces the damage from crits and normal auto attacks by 50%, which stacks additively with other % reductions.

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