Unable to find a kingdom to join

I’m level 13 and looking for a kingdom that accepts casual gamers.

I can use the search filter to find the ones that require invitation, but not the free-to-join ones, which I think it’s weird. Am I using it wrong?

I created a kingdom myself, kept it open to everybody and nobody joined, so I deleted it, so I just losed many coins for nothing, didn’t I?

Anyway, help for finding a kingdom is appreciated. Thanks.

I would suggest going into the game chat, main channel 1 (default) and asking for an invite there. That is the most used channel, and makes it easy for any kingdoms with spaces to send invites.

Note that you can only be invited if you are not currently in a kingdom, so if you are done with your current one, leave that first, then post in the main chat and hopefully it won’t be long until someone invites you.

Did it. Thanks.

Anyway, I don’t know why you can’t filter by open to join kingdoms in the search.